Boys in 'Burbs
two married guys
     living the dream in the suburbs
Boys in 'Burbs
two married guys
living the dream in the suburbs
What Do You Mean You Signed Me Up For Pre-School Without Asking Me??

Do I sign you up for work without asking you?!

Thursday February 12th 2015
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  • Charles says:

    Listen, dads: I go to “work”, too — it just happens to be called School (or Pre-School to be exact). But unlike you two, who (it seems) have to work, I could happily stay home from my job and no one would be the worse for it. Which brings me to the obvious question: What were you thinking when you signed me up for Pre-School?

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    I moved with my husband (and now two young sons) back to the very same house in the idyllic suburbs in which I happily grew up.

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