Boys in 'Burbs
two married guys
     living the dream in the suburbs
Boys in 'Burbs
two married guys
living the dream in the suburbs
Not So Cool After All

My dads’ buying the suburban minivan was the last nail in the coffin of their hoping they might actually be cool.

Tuesday February 10th 2015
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  • Charles says:

    When my dads traded in their beaten up old silver Audi for a school-bus-size Honda Odyssey, Papa spouse was thrilled that we could finally fit the whole family (including in-laws) into one car, but Daddy wasn’t so sure. As far as he was concerned, if there was ever any hope that he could be considered cool, the minivan removed all doubt.

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    I'm Charles

    I moved with my husband (and now two young sons) back to the very same house in the idyllic suburbs in which I happily grew up.

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