Boys in 'Burbs
two married guys
     living the dream in the suburbs
Boys in 'Burbs
two married guys
living the dream in the suburbs
Flying Home 24 Hours After My Birth
Friday August 1st 2014
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  • Charles says:

    Who in their right mind would fly home with a newborn just 24 hours after birth? The answer: my dads. Suffice to say that the lady at the check-in counter was unfazed. Then again, she was the blasé type who wouldn’t have blinked if we had been a family of squirrels checking in our acorns for the winter.

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    I'm Charles

    I moved with my husband (and now two young sons) back to the very same house in the idyllic suburbs in which I happily grew up.

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    Cheers up, Dads, the election results weren’t THAT bad…
    I think every child needs DISCIPLINE!
    My dads insisted: “NO EATING DINNER IN THE TV ROOM!”
    For Hallowe’en, my dads and I are dressing like pumpkins…
    This weekend I’ll take my dads to music class, soccer, the aquarium and a birthday party.

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