Boys in 'Burbs
two married guys
     living the dream in the suburbs
Boys in 'Burbs
two married guys
living the dream in the suburbs

What is the chimney doing on the roof? Can you take me up there to play?

Sunday December 21st 2014
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  • Charles says:

    I have the most beautiful house in the world because it has everything — windows, a door and stairs. What more do I need? Papa wishes we had an island in the kitchen,
    but I think that’s silly: who want to swim to the sink?

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    I'm Charles

    I moved with my husband (and now two young sons) back to the very same house in the idyllic suburbs in which I happily grew up.

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    A Week in ‘Burbs Cartoons

    Cheers up, Dads, the election results weren’t THAT bad…
    I think every child needs DISCIPLINE!
    My dads insisted: “NO EATING DINNER IN THE TV ROOM!”
    For Hallowe’en, my dads and I are dressing like pumpkins…
    This weekend I’ll take my dads to music class, soccer, the aquarium and a birthday party.

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