Boys in 'Burbs
two married guys
     living the dream in the suburbs
Boys in 'Burbs
two married guys
living the dream in the suburbs
The Joy Of Microscopic Zippers

Can’t see that tiny zipper on my jacket, dads? Time to break out your magnifying glasses again.

Thursday February 5th 2015
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  • Charles says:

    I’ll sit (relatively) still as my dads look for my jacket. And I’ll patiently (more or less) lift up each arm to let them slip on each sleeve of the jacket. But my dads can’t seriously blame me for making a fuss when they spend what seems like hours trying to find, and match up, the tiny metal edges of my teensy-weensy jacket zipper. How hard can it be? Ultimatum to dads: either get new eyeglass prescriptions or invest in magnifying glasses.

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    I'm Charles

    I moved with my husband (and now two young sons) back to the very same house in the idyllic suburbs in which I happily grew up.

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